The Boys are Back

Whew! Casts came off! Lucas’ is off, permanently. He has a splint to help keep that thumb safe during hockey. Zach’s big, giant, mondo cast has been replaced by a short cast and he can now bend his arm at the elbow. Both boys have been cleared for hockey. Woooohooooo!!! Lucas can practice and play games. Zach can practice. Games will be allowed later. Thank goodness! That was a pain in the booty! Their level of activity was greatly reduced and I did not appreciate of their increased level of spazziness.

Both boys went back to hockey practice last night so the chauffeur hat came out of moth balls and is back on my head. The beck and call Mama is on the road, again. Thank heavens! I would much rather be driving them to and from activities than to have them sit in the attic addicted to “Lost.” I know I have ultimate control over the whole “Lost” situation but I felt so bad for them with their broken bones I let them get away with it. No more “Lost” in the attic. Now, they can get out their pent up energy back where the engery belongs…in the hockey rink!

We need to keep the bones healthy. I’m pretty sure the orthopedic surgeon would like to keep it that way; I know I would like to keep it that way. I don’t need any more two for one specials when it comes to broken bones. I think I will hide the mountain board from Zach.

Oh, for the love of…my children!

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