OK, first version of this stink, stank, stunk…let’s try a little revamp!

My jaw surgery is Monday morning. I have been living in the land of denial until yesterday so now I hit full plan mode. Stan will take the day of my surgery off for but everything needs to be planned, down to a science. Dinners have to be done and in the freezer. Breakfasts are going to be the kids responsibility…normally I fix scrambled eggs and fruit smoothies, next week will be hard boiled eggs, fruit, Boosts or cereal. If they want anything warm they will have to fix it themselves. I have to make sure I have rides planned and kids covered for practices next week. It’s like a battle plan and I need to get it ready to execute.

Usually, when guys go in for a procedure everything is taken care of by the Mama. When the Mama has to have a medical procedure done all ducks have to be in a row beforehand. At least, this is how it is in our house. I am not complaining or critizing. I am just stating a fact. Right now, my mind is spinning with all of the things I have to accomplish before Monday morning. I am not sure how long I will not feel like crap. But I don’t like being held down by illness, injury or anything that knocks me on my ass. I am sure I will get moving too fast only to be knocked down again. The ortho assistant taking care of my braces and leading me forward in this procedure gave me all sorts of advice yesterday as she put my braces on. One thing she told me is to make sure I always have a tissue with me when I get up from lying down because I may just start dripping blood from my nose when I get up. UGH! This sounds worse and worse. I think I need to stock up on tissues.

But last night for the first time in a very long time I slept through the night and woke up with no throbbing jaw pain! Hallelujah!! I know there will be ups and downs is this whole scenario. Right now is a down because my cheeks feel like I ran a cheese grater over them. Next week will be on the down side too…something about having your palate surgically spread apart doesn’t sound too good. There will also be the ups ~ I get to look like Spongebob for a couple of months and I may even get to be on the cover of “Hillbilly Weekly!”

This all takes careful oversight and preparation. How else am I going to get to sit around and admire my big, ol’ gapped toothed smile? But plan and prepare I must…for the love of my children…

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