Another day, another tissue or two

I have been sitting on my rear since Monday and it is not a good feeling – my entire back side is numb. My last two blogs were done well before I left for the hospital on Monday morning. I didn’t think it would be wise to write about our life in a drug induced stupor. This has been a whole new experience for me and I am sure it has not been my favorite life experience. There has been a lot of pain, a few bloody noses, lots of tissues and a table full of drugs. But it has not been the world’s worst experience. My family has rallied around me, bringing me smoothies, soup and many hugs and kisses.

I am not sure, at this point, if I would go through this again. I am told I will be happy when all is said and done. I am sure I will. But I am ready for all of the pain and grossness to be over. I always tell my kids to enjoy the present and not wish their lives away but today I would gladly fast forward into March to leap frog through all of this discomfort. I understand, to some degree, the kids wanting to wish themselves into the future, they want to get on with the next phase of their lives. But they are not going to do it on my time. I am selfish with my kids. I will endure all the disgusting stuff from my procedure so I don’t wish away my time with them. Who else would give me hugs and kisses as I sit here looking like a chipmunk with mumps?

I am truly blessed with the love of my children

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