This morning Jan came downstairs and said the words every parent dreads. “A friend of mine passed away.” He was driving and was killed in a car accident. I can’t imagine the grief and pain the parents of the young man who was killed are going through. My heart breaks for them.

We are moving into the time in our lives where our kids will be starting to drive. I want to stop the clock. I want to push the pause button. I want to hold them back. I want to protect them a little longer. Today, I don’t want them to ever drive a car. I want to drive them – everywhere.

Zach will be 15 in a few short weeks. This August he is eligible to get his learner’s permit. 15 years and six months is the age the Commonwealth of Virginia has deemed appropriate for learning to drive. Six months is not that far away. I will blink and the time will be here with Zach chomping at the bit to go down to the DMV and get his learner’s permit. I dread that day.

There is so much to learn in these next six months, for all of us. The most important thing for Zach to learn is trust is earned, not given. Trust takes a long time to build but seconds to tear down. I have to learn to trust in myself and Stan we have imparted some common sense in Zach but it won’t be easy to let him take this step into independence. But, I have to do it for Zach, Lucas and Claire or I will end up like my mother who still tells me how to drive after having my license for 25 years. I hope Zach learns quickly what an enormous responsibility it is to have a driver’s license. It is up to us to ensure he is a very quick study when it comes to the privilege of having his driver’s license.

God help all of us parents as we learn to let go little by little. And may God watch over our kiddos as they take these steps to independence. I know it won’t be easy to let them take these steps but I need to do it, for the love of my children…

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