The Glad Game

This morning I was looking for some inspiration for today’s blog. I asked Stan if he had any ideas. He had none. I had none. Was this the beginning of the end of my commitment to blog for the year about life and times with the kids? I couldn’t let it happen. I made a commitment to myself and I plan to see it through. So, I picked up the cat, sat down in a comfy chair and began to think. The cat settled himself down nicely, purring contentedly. I was cozy and warm under a blanket with the cat all snuggled in. The only problem was I still had no inpsiration. I looked to the newspaper but it was too far out of reach and the cat doesn’t like me reading the newspaper when he is on my lap. He gets freaky and jumpy and then he leaves. So I spied a book on the table next to the chair. This book has been display for a couple of years but I had never opened it. Inspiration.

The book is called “Learning to Dance in the Rain, The Power of Gratitude.” The little nuggets of wisdom in the book were just what the doctor ordered…in more ways than one. Most of what is in this book I knew at one time but my memory has lapsed a little in the details. Life takes over and the important stuff is sometimes overlooked by the busy-ness of day to day life. I used to dance in the rain with the kids. I need to start doing that again.

Gratitude. What a powerful word. I need to use it more often. I need to post sticky notes all over my areas with “Gratitude.” I have so many things for which to be grateful. In my past blogs I have talked about wanting to slow down life and pause the kids. It is my backward attempt at gratitude. I am so incredibly grateful for my family and my children. I, selfishly, want to keep them exactly as they are now. Claire recently asked me if I had the opportunity to freeze them at any age, which age would I choose? I told her I would choose to freeze them just as they are now. I love the ages of my kids right now. But the truth is, if she would have asked me this question two years ago my answer would have been exactly the same. I would have frozen them the ages they were two years ago. I loved the ages of my kids two years ago. I have loved every age of my kids while I was living it. I don’t want to turn back the clock. I just want to pause time a little, to slow it down. My backward attempt at gratitude. I know growing up is an inevitability. I know I will love my kids ages as they grow up. I just don’t want them to. I need to practice gratitude. I am thankful for my kids, now and always.

In the book there is a story about “The Glad Game.” It also is means “Gratitude List.” Whatever crappy thing is going on in your life right is countered by something else wonderful. I am going to play “The Glad Game” today.

I am glad I have my family.
I am glad for the sweet smell of spring I encountered last night.
I am glad for a purring kitty who helped bring inspiration to today’s blog.
I am glad for the tightness of my teeth and the gap between my teeth. It means I am on my way to being pain free.
I am glad for six hockey games we have this weekend ~ it means the boys are out of casts and can play their game.
I am glad for the busy-ness of the day ~ it means I am surrounded by those I treasure.
I am glad for the love of my children…

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