Well, it’s official. My parents are homeowners in Richmond. They signed the paperwork this morning. Stan and I officially became part of the sandwich generation, caring for our kids and my parents, to a slight degree. Luckily, my parents are still able to care for themselves in most ways but there will be a period of dependency on us. They won’t know a soul in Richmond, except us. We will be their social network ~ oh, interesting days ahead. It has been 15 years since we have been in the same town as my parents and the last time we were all together we each had our own social networks, overlapping occasionally. I have never been responsible for someone else’s social network. We are officially sandwiched.

Don’t misunderstand, I know this is the best thing for everyone. I am writing down my thoughts, not trying to be negative. The kids are beyond excited to have Nana and Granddad here. Zach thinks he is going to live with them during the summer. They have a clubhouse, pool, tennis courts and are within walking distance of a grocery store. They also are in a 55 year old and up community. I think Zach will spend many nights there, but LIVE there? I am not so sure he will think it is the grandest of ideas all of the time. But the timing of this move is, indeed, the best thing for all concerned.

I am very thankful for the fantastic relationship between the kids and my parents. Their relationship with each other didn’t start out on the best footing. Neither of my parents are baby/toddler/little kid parents. (Babies aren’t my favorite but give me a toddler or little kid any day!) My dad has never been terribly fond of boys either so for them to have such a good relationship with my kids, especially Zach and Lucas, is amazing.

I know I will enjoy being sandwiched once the transition period is over and everyone is settled. This move is for the love of my family…

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