The Lost Season

Well, it’s official. Hockey is over. It came to a screeching halt this weekend. Zach’s team lost their bid at Nationals. I have to say, I feel a little lost. Usually, at this time of year I am ready to shed the Uggs and heavy coats. I am, usually, ready to say good-bye to hockey. This year? Hmmmm…I just feel lost, now that the season is over.

I thought I was doing OK with the thought of the end of hockey season until this weekend. This weekend was spent with some of our favorite hockey families. With both boys breaking bones, the season was cut short for us. I didn’t get to hang out with these families like in seasons past. I feel a little jipped. We missed out on weekends away with our hockey families. At this time of year the running joke is “What will I do with all of my free time now that hockey is over?” I had that feeling all season long.

This is the season I will look back on as “the lost season of hockey.” The boys didn’t have the winning-est of seasons and they were both out for a good chunk of time. The season was kind of lost. I should be glad to be moving on but I am just a little sad. Zach was the trailblazer who got us involved in this crazy world of travel hockey. His team is the group of parents I connected with first so with the end of Zach’s hockey season I feel disconnected. Usually it’s not this bad, it’s just this season.

Ah well, on to lacrosse, tennis and finishing up dance and swim season! There are families galore waiting to hang out on weekends. We will meet new families, hang out with old friends and move on to the next sport season. We will do it all for the love of our children…

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