Lucas and the Catholics

God love Lucas. He is a trip, that kid! As we were doing some errands today Lucas and I got to talking about religion, of all things. He told me he looks like a Catholic boy. I said “What exactly does a Cathoic boy look like?” He said a Catholic boy looks like him, of course, DUH! I never really thought about Lucas looking like a Catholic boy.

Before I could stop myself I went for the Catholic jugular. “How exactly can you look like a Catholic boy? You eat meat on Ash Wednesday and Friday. You haven’t given up a thing for lent. How exactly does that work, you thinking you look like a Catholic but not participating in Lent?” I asked. Oooooof, gotcha! He had no real answer, just a weak, little “Oh, yeah.” Going back to the Catholic guilt, baby ~ I think I just sloughed some off on him. He says he will TRY not to eat meat on Fridays. The good old college try, I can accept that. He also says he will give up cussing for Lent. I didn’t really think Lucas cussed but if he thinks “fricking” is a cuss word I am A-OK with that! With Lucas, it’s baby steps to get where he needs to be. These are baby steps on the road to full blown Catholic guilt!

I will continue on my quest to instill some Catholic guilt, especially in my little blond boy who thinks he looks like a Catholic boy. I will do it for the love of Lucas and the Catholics…

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