Marathoning Continued

Blown Away! That is how I felt last night. I can not imagine how the kids who participated in the Marathon Dance felt. Last night at 7 I went back for my second round of “chaperoning.” The kids were all contained in the gym so I was told to go enjoy myself and I did just that. The kids were on their second, third or fourth wind and they were energized! It was incredible to watch these young men and women finish out 27 hours of dancing with such enthusiasm and to hear their reaction as the total amount raised was announced at the end of the evening. We were all BLOWN AWAY!

Before the totals were announced the community was treated to many different acts which made me roar with laughter. The first act who performed was called “All the Single Ladies” and it was three seniors who danced to Beyonce’s hit by the same name. It was a dead on parody of the original video, only performed by some very gutsy guys. God love ’em for performing, I know I did! The second act was the “Bieber Experience” and they were just as entertaining as the first group of guys. I loved the energy they exuded ~ especially after 26 hours of being at the dance. The whole gym then came alive for “Strut Your Stuff” and somehow I managed to find Zach during this. He was brimming with energy and danced his heart out. I loved watching every single kid out there. It was beyond anything I ever expected and the grin on my face stayed from ear to ear, watching these kids.

After most of the festivities came the stories from those who applied for, and were granted, portions of the money raised at the Marathon Dance. The kids sat, transfixed, as three of the charities told their stories. The young adults on the Marathon Dance committee did a fabulous job selecting these charities. We heard from a young woman who was paralyzed from the waist down in between her freshman and sophomore year in a jet ski accident. She is was working with the Gary Bertier foundation. He was the young man whose story was part of the movie “Remember the Titans” who was paralyzed in a car accident. His name is now linked with a spinal cord injury foundation and this young lady has benefitted from the funds raised through his foundation. There was the story of a brother and sister who have CF and were both graduates of our high school. They told how much the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has benefitted them and many others in our community. This story touched me very deeply because on of my most favorite hockey families has a son with CF and finding a cure has been their passion since their son was diagnosed. The charities who were recipients were so grateful to be chosen to receive funds through the Marathon Dance.

The students who raised funds have every reason to be incredibly proud and blown away by their achievements. The 650 students who danced raised over $160,000!!! Way to go, WILDCATS! You exemplify philanthropy through your hard work and dedication to the dance! I couldn’t be more proud to be associated with such a phenomenal group of young men and women! You all truly stepped up to the task presented to you and not only surpassed your last year’s total you blew it out of the water. Congratulations on a job well done. I hope you slept well. You deserved a long rest after showing our community your compassion and love of others ~ it was evident in the enthusiasm and energy that carried you through 27 hours of Marathoning.

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