The Big Green Egg Experience

Stan’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago and he is FINALLY getting his present. Yesterday we went to a restaurant supply store which looked like it had been there since the beginning of time. Eccentric and eclectic are the words I would use to describe the store. In the front window of the store were two very old, very heavy cast iron stoves, relics of an era gone by. Merchandise was strewn over every available surface, with no seeming rhyme or reason. From the outside, I had the impression of complete chaos. As I walked the first thing I noticed was the stench of stale cigarette smoke and the next thing I noticed were the people. The people gave the store an ambiance of lived in comfort. One small Asian man was darting from place to place in the store finding what he needed with seeming ease. There was the restaurant booth full of the regulars. One man sat smoking a cigarrette ~ the source of the stench of stale smoke. (I thought smoking inside buildings was banned in Virginia but evidently there are loopholes.) There were the old timers, the ones who looked like they had been there since the beginning of the store, many moons ago. They all gave the air of being at complete ease among the chaos of the store. They knew the workings of the store. They all looked like they had stories to tell but we weren’t there to listen to stories. We were there to get Stan’s present.

At the back of the store behind racks and racks of disorganized merchandise stood The Big Green Egg and it is what brought us to this store. It is part smoker, part grill and part baker. It looks like a big green egg. It is cast iron coated with ceramic, I think. I really have no idea what it is. I just know Stan has been admiring it for a while and he asked for it for his birthday. Today The Big Green Egg comes home.

Tonight we are going to break it in with some grilled chicken and shrimp. I will top them with a pancetta and chimichurri sauce I saw Giada make the other day on Food TV. We will make a big salad and maybe some quinoa. I am looking forward to dinner and seeing Stan cook on his Big Green Egg. Both Stan and I love, love, love to cook good food. Stan loves to cook meat over fire. The kids love, love, love to eat good food and meat cooked over fire so this should be perfect.

The kids are almost as excited as Stan. Zach went through the catalog last night looking at other accessories to add. In our house family dinners are prized. Sitting down together over a fabulous meal is a treat we all enjoy. It is a time when we get to sit back and enjoy some much needed nourishment, not just food but nourishment of each other by talking, listening and sharing our stories. The Big Green Egg is coming home. We will put it to good use for the love of our children…

By the way~dinner was FABULOUS!!

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