The Warm Car

Today was cold, rainy and dreary. When I sent the kids off to school it was with the prediction practices, for Jan and Lucas, would be cancelled. I got the text from Jan around 2 letting me know his tennis practice was, indeed, cancelled. I kept checking the lacrosse website for Lucas. There was no announcement of a practice cancelled. The practice looked like it was a go even in the cold and rainy conditions.

Lucas and I loaded up into the car. Lucas had a hang-dog look to his face. He was not happy to be going to lacrosse practice. He got it in his head practice would be cancelled. It was my fault. I put the thought in his head and he hung onto it with all his might. I pull up to the practice field and see a smattering of kids circling around their cars. Lucas has a glimmer of hope. Lucas’ hope was maybe Coach called off practice from the warmth of his car. We pull up beside Coach’s car, with Lucas’ expectant grin on his face…expecting to stay put in the warm car.

Lucas’ hopes were dashed when Coach said their practice would be shorter but they would still practice. I felt, more than heard, the inward groan Lucas gave. He didn’t want to leave the warm car. I didn’t want him to leave the warm car. I wanted him to stay dry, warm and healthy but Stan said “If you want to play in the games, you have to go to the practice.” I know he has to go to practice but the Mama in me wanted to keep him comfortable and not let him experience the discomfort of being cold and miserable. I told him I loved him and nudged him out of the warmth of the car and into the cold rain.

I went back to pick him up after practice and Lucas was as I expected. He was cold and wet. The hair on his arms stood straight up and his hands were like icicles. He stripped off his gear and sunk down in the warmth of the seat heater and the 85 degree temperature inside the car. I decided to set the car temperature on “incubating chicken” so it was balmy in the car. I was so happy to pick Lucas up and get him warm. The mama in me doesn’t like cold, wet miserable kids.

I know kids have to experience some discomfort in life but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. The car will stay warm and dry so they can find some comfort after being out in the real world. Mamas aren’t supposed to be the real world. We are supposed to be the warmth and comfort in life. Oh for the love of my children….

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