The Power of Forgiveness

I am on top of the world. Tonight was our annual hockey banquet and it is my favorite time of the hockey year but it is not the reason I am on top of the world. Three little words gave me an over the top, happy feeling.

I was on the outs with a dear friend of mine. I had no idea what happened. All I knew was things might not ever get better between us. There was no communication. I didn’t know what to do to mend fences. I didn’t know how to apologize because I didn’t know what I did. I wanted to make things better but I was at a loss. My friend meant the world to me.

What happened between us is irrelevant, at this point. It is over and it is done. What matters is I have my friend back because we each looked past the hurt we experienced, we talked about our feeling and we said “I am sorry.” Those are three of the most powerful words when they are put together in a sentence. I love forgiveness and I love moving on.

I want my children to always be able to accept apologies and forgive those who hurt them. There is no point in grudge holding. My dad was the master grudge holder when I was a kid. The only thing grudge holding taught me was to hold on to resentments. When he held grudges he taught by example how to act ugly and treat others with disrespect. Thankfully, my mom’s lesson were different. She taught me to accept apologies when they are given and move on. I want to emulate my mom, in this respect, and pass it on to my kids.

I can not tell you how light my heart is and how happy I am with those three little words that were spoken today, “I am sorry.”

Forgiveness will be shown, taught and given, for the love of my children…

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