The What If Game

Ever since Lucas was little this was his favorite game. He constantly asked all sorts of crazy questions. “What if the sky were on the ground and the ground were in the sky?” “What if the grass were purple?” His mind works like no one else I know.

Claire, Lucas and I were in the car the other day and he started in with the “What If…” game again. I don’t remember what his question was because as soon as he said “What if…” I was transported back in time to when he was little. Lucas’ questions came fast and furious when he was little. It used to drive me to distraction to have to answer so many, many questions. My tongue would bleed from biting it to keep myself from snapping at Lucas to stop with the crazy “what if…” questions. There were times where I didn’t bite my tongue hard enough and ended up snapping at the curious little boy whose head was so full of questions. Those are days I look back on with regret but Lucas seems to have pulled through from my snappishness OK. He is still asking crazy “What If…” questions.

Lucas is, truly, like no other person I know. His mind is constantly working and moving. He is persistent to the n-th degree. He could drive the most patient person crazy with his persistence. I know he has driven me to the crazy farm every now and again. I hope he never loses his curiosity or his persistence, though. He will have to find a field of work where these two traits can be appreciated by his co-workers and bosses. He talked recently about wanting to study medicine and help other kids with ADHD. Lucas would know how to help.

One of Lucas’ many gifts to me is his ability to show me his mind’s inner workings with the “What If…” game. I hope he plays the game forever.

Oh, for the love of Lucas…

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