Cleaning for the Cleaning Ladies

Alright, I admit it, we are spoiled. Every two weeks our cleaning crew comes in a works magic on our house. Every two weeks I am forced to deal with my stack of papers and put them where they belong. Every two weeks the kids are forced to clean up for the cleaning ladies. Every two weeks the house is sparkly and clean ~ for about two hours ~ but having cleaning ladies is a luxury I really don’t want to do without.

The night before the cleaning ladies come I always hear a litany of whining and fussing about having to tidy up the house. Last night almost sent me over the edge. “I just sat down,” they said. “Why can’t I have a night off,” they asked? They are fussing about getting the house tidy so THEY don’t have to scrub floors and toilets. There is something inherently wrong with their thinking (I also know there is something inherently wrong with cleaning for the cleaning ladies but I want them to clean the house not TIDY the house)! I hate to burst their bubbles but once they are out on their own there will be NO cleaning ladies to clean up for (unless they land that super, stupendous $100K per year job right out of college but that is doubtful!).

I had a mini-temper tantrum last night when they started whining about just getting to sit down and asking for a day off! I know they are kids who don’t think a lot before words start shooting out of their mouths and I know I am the parent who signed up to work 24/7/365 but…JEEZ to complain about cleaning up for the cleaning ladies?!? REALLY!?! We are all so spoiled in this house and after last night’s whine-fest I am thinking maybe I should just have the cleaning ladies clean our room and the common areas. Maybe I should have the kids clean their own bathrooms, bedrooms and rec room. Maybe that would knock some sense into them but I think it would actually create more work for me. I would have to be all over them like white on rice to make sure everything actually was cleaned. I think I’ll stick with the cleaning ladies for now…the kids can learn their lesson when they move out and there is no more having to clean up for the the cleaning ladies. That’ll teach ’em!

Oooooooh, for the love of….my children!

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