Thrashing About

As I told you yesterday, we spent time in D.C. over the past weekend and had a blast…except for our last night in the hotel. Our last night in the hotel sucked. The hotel was gorgeous, beautiful and perfect ~ except for the beds. The beds were tiny. Those tiny beds made my last night there very difficult!

Stan is not a small man by any stretch of the imagination so the already tiny bed was made impossibly tiny for me. Sharing a bed with Stan is challenging under the best of circumstances. We have a king sized bed at home and sometimes that is not big enough. Stan is a notorious cover-fluffer, thrasher and twitcher at night. This can be an annoyance at home in our big bed but when we are put together in a mini-queen sized bed it is beyond annoying. It is torture. Around 2 o’clock in the morning he started in with some wild thrashing around followed by much cover-fluffing and finished me off with twitching every single muscle in his legs and feet. The twitching occurred at irregular intervals, usually as I was starting to drift back into a peaceful sleep. Finally, after about an hour of torture I moved over to Claire’s bed where I saw her sleeping blissfully. She was quiet and still…just what I needed. So, I picked up my pillow, left the wildly thrashing and twitching Stan and crawled in with Claire.

Things were fine in Claire’s bed until around 5 a.m. when Claire started in with twitching uncontrollably at irregular intervals waking me up, yet again. On top of the twitching Claire also started “petting” me with her feet. Add the “petting” and twitching to some thrashing about and I felt like I was back in bed with Stan…although Claire is considerably smaller and a lot prettier! I couldn’t escape from twitching and thrashing! It’s a good thing they are both cute and sweet during the day, it makes the torture of sleeping with them almost bearable. Those two, Stan and Claire, are cut from the same cloth ~ like father, like daughter.

Morning finally came and I was freed from the tortures of their twitching and thrashing. It was then Stan asked me what happened during the night and I gave him my version of the night’s events. His version of events had me as the twitcher and thrasher…hmmmm, somehow I find that hard to believe when the proof rests with me having to switch beds. Like I said above, it is a good thing they are both cute and sweet when they are awake otherwise…Ah, what am I saying? I would put myself through many sleepless nights to be able to enjoy their company during the day. Although, I may be grumpy with them, I will put up with their nighttime antics for the love of my family…

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