The First Crush

Do you remember your first crush? Mine was on a cute boy in my third grade class. His name was Christopher Taylor. He had blond hair, blue eyes and was, in my eyes, perfect.

Claire has her first crush right now and it brings back floods of memories of times gone by. The first crush, the first boyfriend, the first date, the first kiss ~ all butterfly in the stomach worthy events. Claire thinks her crush might like her back. She smiled a little shyly at me when she was telling me the story. In a way, I hope he likes her back. In another way, I want her to stay as far away from boys as possible.

I remember Zach’s first crush. He was in fifth grade. He was the new kids on the block so he had an aura of mystery surrounding him (OK, well as much mystery as a fifth grade boy can have). He and his crush were “boyfriend/girlfriend” for about a month and then he told her he needed his freedom. He wanted to be single again. And it ended for him. Zach doesn’t have a girlfriend now, doesn’t show much desire to date anyone and that is more than OK by me! Hang out with the guys as long as you can, Zach. There’s time for girls later!

Ah, sweet Lucas! Lucas’ first crush did not go well. In fourth grade he had about as much smoothness as a jar of extra crunchy peanut butter when it came to girls. He told his crush he thought she was “hot.” A highly inappropriate comment coming from a grown man, in my eyes, made even more so coming out of the mouth of a 10 year old boy to a 10 year old girl and I told Lucas just that. I told him “pretty” or “cute” is the way to go. NOT “hot”…never “hot” unless…well, I’m not sure there is an unless. Needless to say, Lucas’ crush thought it was a bad word choice as well so she told his whole class he liked “Bob the Builder” and still watched “Barney.” Stick him where it hurts, huh? Lucas left her alone after that incident. In fifth grade he developed a crush on another girl in his class and thought, maybe, just maybe, it was reciprocated but he never wanted to mess anything up with her so he remains her friend…he is still her admirer though. I think he is practicing on his smoothness so when it is time he can find the proper way to express his feelings. Right now, I am more than content having Lucas admire his crush from afar.

While these crushes are cute and sweet and innocent I know there will be a time in the not too distant future where girlfriends and boyfriends will be brought home. Those girlfriends and boyfriends will eventually turn into fiancés and then spouses. Selfishly, I hope that time is in the far, far away future. When that time comes, though, I hope against all hope I will like who my kids bring home. I hope I will love the people my kids choose to marry. I hope and pray with all my heart we will enfold future spouses into our family and it will be reciprocated.

But, for right now, I will enjoy watching my kids grow up and test the waters of romance with little crushes.

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