How the Hell…

How the hell did we survive? How did we survive life with only ONE tv in the house? I’m not sure, either, how we survived with only THREE channels! But somehow I made it through my miserable childhood so I could go on to inflict more misery on my poor, little daughter.

Claire came to me with tears, yes, I said TEARS, in her eyes last night and said “how come the boys can come into the room and change the channel on me any time they want when hockey is on?” Ummmm, excuse me?!? REALLY, Claire. We have three TV’s in this house. Granted, one is
in our bedroom and rarely ever on and the other one is attached to the xbox but we do have three tv’s with ample opportunities for the kids viewing pleasure. Not that they should be viewing that much on a weekday but…what can I say? It happens.

I’m going to go on one of those little “When I was a kid…” tirades.

When I was a kid we actually played outside WITH other kids not on xBox live via video chat.
When I was a kid we had ONE tv and my mom or dad got to pick the show we watched from one of THREE channels…my parents didn’t spring for cable so we could get 13 channels.
When I was a kid we didn’t have video games or computers to waste away the hours. If I wanted to waste time I read a book or listened to music.
When I was a kid I didn’t have my mom at my beck and call to take me to and from many hours of practices and games. We didn’t do that…we played outside with our friends.

My poor, poor children! I feel so sorry for them. They have such miserable lives with only three tv’s in the house and hundreds of channels for their viewing pleasure. Their lives are so rough with endless hours of playing and practicing their favorite sports with their friends. I just don’t know how the hell they are going to survive!

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