I love words. I love learning new words and relearning words I knew from my years studying journalism. I love to go into dictionaries and thesauri (see…even know that is the plural for thesaurus!) Words are fun for me. I used to sit and play a vocabulary test online where it “paid” a grain of rice to a developing nation for every word you got you right. I would sit and play for hours, getting more and more excited as the words got harder and harder.

But oh, how I will burn in Hell due to one little word! Have you ever run across one of those words you just KNOW fits you? Recently, I’ve been running across the word “irreverent.” I haven’t run across it in years but I immediately knew it fit me—to a tee!

It’s scary to think how many times I will burn in Hell for all my irreverent thoughts turned comments. The times I was snarky and mean, just because a thought popped into my head and came out of my mouth. There is no wondering where Lucas gets his filterless existence…in this case I have to take responsibility ~ lock, stock and barrel. My sacrilegious comments will get me roasted over an open pit in Hell. The one time I said, out loud “Well, they look like a stuffed sausage,” because a certain person’s clothes barely fit across their expansive derriere qualifies as an irreverent comment. Some of my other activities should certainly have caused lightning bolts to rain down from the sky and strike me dead. Lying in Church would qualify to have me struck dead by a lightning bolt…completely and totally irreverent. Does it count that I apologized to God as the lie slipped out of my mouth? Maybe, because no lightning bolt came bursting through the ceiling of the Church. My only hope is that God hears my sincere apologies after the irreverent comments slip out of my mouth.

I do hope, too, that my children learn a good lesson from me when it comes to irreverent comments…I hope they learn not to say them much less think them! Oh boy, do I ever have a lot of work to do for the love of my children…

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