Random Thoughts Flitting Through My Head

Stan will occassionally ask me where my ideas come from for some of my blogs. Sometimes there are moments in my life which jump out at me and scream to be written down but most of the time my blogs are just random thoughts flitting through my head. Some of my thoughts are memories of times gone by, which just so happen to coincide with some current event in my life. Other thougths are the result of a word which attracts my attention or a blog title that just pops into my head. The avenue to writing my blog is different every day but these random thoughts have a need to escape the confines of my brain and put themselves into writing.

Unfortunately for me, I have lost a lot of good blog ideas through my lack of getting things written down before the thought flits in one side of my brain and right out the other. A few nights ago I had a wonderful idea for a blog and worked the whole thing out ~ in my head. Rather than troop downstairs and type away I went asleep. With my brain refreshed the next morning my blog was no where to be found. I pushed the reset button while I was sleeping and erased the wonderful blog I had all but written in my head ~ not a good feeling. You would think I would learn but I am rather thick-headed at times believing this will be the one time I will remember what I wanted to write about. Maybe someday I’ll overcome my lack of attention to detail and just write thoughts down as they pop in my head.

You would think, with all of the material I have at hand, I would have a stockpile of ideas through the roof. Sadly, it’s not the case. There are so many times when I struggle to find something to write about. Life gets so crazy, busy with these kiddos all going in massively different directions I seldom hold onto a thought for very long, which is why I am writing this blog. I hope it helps to bring back a flood good memories when my random thoughts stop and my memory is shot. I want to remember all of the good and bad of a year in my life with random thoughts flitting through my head.

Oh, for the love of my children…

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