Me time

Ahhhhhh, the time is here! My anticipation level is at an all time high! My bags are mostly packed. My girl friend is ready to pick me up and then we are OUTTA HERE! Thoughts of cruising down the interstate with the windows down and the music cranked are running through my head. It’s girls’ weekend ~ stretched into almost a whole week. I am so lucky and I know it!

I think it’s so important for parents to be able to go off and recharge. Stan and I get away for weekends when we can. Stan has his annual boys’ trip every year. I have a girls’ weekend and I couldn’t be more thankful for these little trips away from reality. I love my kids, my hubby and our life together more than imaginable but there are times when getting away from it all is a necessity for me. I know a week is a bit excessive but I am relishing the thought of every, single, solitary moment. I need my batteries recharged something fierce.

Parents, and I think especially mamas, need to realize it is more than OK to go recharge for a while. I know I am a much better mama when I am recharged and ready to tackle the challenges of motherhood. Reentry is difficult…you know, those first few hours back in reality…but the benefits far outweigh the perils of reentry. I am a much nicer mama. My patience is at an all time high and I feel ready to tackle the challenges of the summer ahead. Challenges of summer, you may be thinking to yourself? But yes, the challenges of summer ~ the kids are around, underfoot and constantly looking for a ride somewhere or something to do. The challenges of summer make me ever so grateful of my time away.

“Me time” is a necessary part of being a parent, even if it’s just a few short hours doing something only you enjoy doing. I will go on relishing my me time…for the love of my children.

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