Maybe That’s Where It’s Supposed To Be

As mamas, we lament where our body parts are headed…gravity takes over, and things start heading south. Maybe everyone, men and women, grumbles about losing the bodies of our youth, but I think mamas experience this phenomenon far sooner than men. Childbirth and all that accompanies bringing our little darlings into the world causes body parts to start to sag, and we may look back on our old bodies with something akin to a longing for what we used to have…how our bodies looked before babies.

But did you ever stop to think this is the way our bodies are supposed to look? Perhaps the bodies we had in our youth are just a sham and not the way we were intended to look. Our bodies are designed to bring children into the world, so maybe, just maybe, our bodies ~ post kiddos ~ are supposed to look like this! Really! Think about it…there are women the world over who have no shame in the way their bodies look after having a baby. The pictures in National Geographic show women who stand tall and proud that their boobs are saggy and their stomachs aren’t as flat as they used to be…before they helped bring a new life into this world. I think they have it right.

I think we mamas should re-examine how we feel about our bodies…yes, the little 20 somethings have taut stomachs, no stretch marks or varicose veins, and perky boobs but seriously…why is that the ideal? Why should we feel anything but pride in our bodies?

Let’s take our bodies back and stand tall and proud that our boobs are heading south. We have stretch marks and varicose veins. Our butts are a little flatter or ampler, and our tummies are just a little poochy. Take care of ourselves, yes ~ but obsess over what we can’t, and don’t want, to change no!

Stand tall and proud, Mama ~ maybe this really is where that body part is supposed to be! For the love of our children…

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