Dumb and Dumber

I read once that “a baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase.” I have to say I believe this to be entirely true…especially after last night.

We are having a grand ol’ time here at the beach. The house is perfect, the water is refreshing, the sand is soft and warm but the kids, especially the boys, are wicked! Last night as we were all settling in to sleep the boys wound up tighter and tighter. After last night, I have to say, I think the people who are hardest to convince it’s time to retire are teenage boys at bedtime. The loud thumping of the boys as they pounded up and down the stairs trying to escape the “demons” that were possessing their small little brains drummed louder and louder into our bedroom wall. Is it bad, and will we cause permanent scarring of the boys as we sit here calling them “dumb and dumber?” These boys offer a sharp contrast to the all the beach has to offer.

I think goofy 15 year old boys are the antithesis of the baby angels they once were. They are loud and demanding and self-centered ~ all they do is eat, sleep and poop…WAIT just one cotton, picking minute ~ they are exactly the same as they were as babies only without the angel wings and the sweet smelling, soft skin of their babyhood ~ they also eat about 200 times what they ate as babies.

As much fun as I make of these goofy 15 year old boys, I sit here in amazement at these young men who have lost their angel wings and are loud, demanding, eat us out of house and home but are becoming a tiny, little bit less self-centered as the days turn quickly into weeks. I watch as Zach hugs his little sister and then comes to me wrapping me in his version of a giant bear hug. I see a glimmer of hope as they grow that they outgrow this “dumb and dumber” stage.

Oh, for the love of my teenage boys…

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