I Do NOT Want To Go Out Today

Remember the Dr. Suess book “I Am Not Going To Get Up Today”? It starts out
“Please let me be.
Please go away.
I am NOT going to get up today.”

That is exactly how I feel today about going out. I do NOT want to go out today.
So here’s my poem for the day.

Please don’t ask.
Please stay away.
I do NOT want to go out today.

I don’t want to seem anti-social.
I’m not trying to boastful.
I just want to have my way.
I do NOT want to go out today.

I don’t care if moms all over are headed out for work or shopping or fun.
I’m the one who isn’t going out, I’m staying in. I’m done.

I haven’t felt this burnt out since I can’t remember know when.
You can take away my car keys. Today, I’m staying in the den.

Maybe it’s the stress of Zach’s surgery.
Or the maybe it’s the fact I have two kids gone ~ they’re purgeried.

Maybe it’s the heat.
I’m not sure but I know I’m staying off the street.

Oh, Zach is here asking me to go to the store.
But I’m not going to go. I’ve closed the door.

Zach is knocking, begging to go.
I am sticking to my guns ~ the answer is “NO!”

“Please. Mom!” He says “I need some new fishing stuff.”
Oh, what I wouldn’t give right now for a large pair of earmuffs.
I don’t want to hear anymore.
I am not going to the store.

Wanna make a bet on who wins?
Will I win and get to stay in?
Or will Zach win and suck me in?

I do NOT want to go out today.
So, Zach ~ do what I say.
Maybe tomorrow you can have your way.
But I’m not going out today.

Oh, for the love of my children…

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