It’s Almost Over

OK, I admit it.  I am more than ready for Lucas and Claire to come home.  I miss them and the energy level they bring into the house.  It is so quiet here and the stories they lend me to tell are slim to none.

Thankfully, we did get cards from them yesterday and their notes are rich for storytelling. 

Three cards came in the mail, two postcards and one envelope.  Claire wanted to make sure she could write us a note when (or if) the mood struck to so I sent a pack of cards and stamps with her.  Lucas ~ well let’s just say he didn’t have any pretense of an ambition to write a letter home.

This was letter writing the old fashioned way ~ snail mail.  No email for them.  Camp keeps them unconnected and off line.  I have to say I don’t mind them being disconnected from internet.  Snail mail is fine by me.  I really wasn’t expecting any mail so when I got their notes yesterday it put an immediate smile on my face.  The smile turned into a grin which turned into a chuckle and then to a good ol’ fashioned laugh.  Snail mail and a good ol’ fashioned laugh = good stuff.

Their letters were cute, sweet and written, I think, in about two seconds.  You can tell they were coerced into the letter writing business.  Lucas and Claire paid no attention to grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization or good penmanship.  The notes look like they were written hastily ~ the kids had to finish the letter writing chore to get onto the next event, the next adventure.

Lucas’ note is the one that brings a giant grin to my face (my thoughts are italicized in parenthesis).  He writes;
hi mommy (Lucas hasn’t called me mommy in years!  And there is NO mention of DAD ~ Hello, Lucas how bout showing your dad some lovin’?)  ,  I doing great. thank you for he letter. (uh, Lucas you forgot am.)  my counselors are awesome.  havn’t really done anything productiv but ist’s good.  I ate my gum in two days! (I sent the kids with sixty pieces of gum each!  That’s a lot of gum!)  my cabin is cool. I will see you in a couple of days bye bye. Love, lLucas

please send me a package with gum and candy.

Claire’s notes were not much better but at least she included everyone. 
Her first note says:
Hi guys,
I miss you guys bot I am having so much fun at CSB!  I love and miss you all sooooooooooooooooo much.  I hope you email me.

Love, Claire (not too bad, Claire and we miss you too!!)

Her second note says;
Dear family, (ok, she included everyone!)
I love you all so much!  I have theis in my cabin who loves chicken! Emma isso nice! I hiopee to Earn my yellow dog tag!

Love you, Claire  

Their letters brought many smiles all around.  I have them right next to me.  But I have to say, we have some letter writing, grammar and punctuation skills to work on with Lucas and Claire. 

I will wait on the letter writing lessons, though because I am so looking forward to seeing their bright, shiny faces tomorrow as they come home from their week of fun ~ not a care in the world, except having to write notes home!

It’s been a good week, being able to dote on Zach a little as he recovers from his surgery but I really don’t  like the quiet anymore.  I am ready for a little energy back in the house.  I am ready to have Lucas and Claire back home!  Our week without them is almost over.

Ask me what I’m feeling this time next week and I may just say it’s time for another trip to camp but I doubt it!  I am too excited to get my two youngest home so I can hug ’em and squeeze ’em and love ’em.  After all that’s done, I will work on letter writing 101 with them! 

Oh, for the love of my children…

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