Zach landed himself in some hot water a couple of weeks ago. His behavior put him in a place with little to no interaction with the outside world…no texting, no phone, no internet, no tv. He’s living like an Amish kid, except for the whole electricity thing.

I kind of like it like this. Not the fact that Zach’s been in trouble but I like having him around. I like having him unplugged. I like having conversations with him. He’s a cool kid and I am enjoying my time with him.

Through this experience we’ve rediscovered the joys of family game night. Every night has turned into family game night. Zach learned how to play Gin with me. We re-found the game of Hearts. We play Whonu? Yahtzee, Sorry and Uno are also great additions to the game repertoire. But our absolute favorite is hands down, without a doubt, B.S. I don’t know if I really like the game or have more fun calling out B.S.! when I think someone is bluffing! Or maybe it’s just the fun of family game night ~ rediscovered.

Zach’s behavior did land him in some trouble but for me, this summer won’t be remembered because of his faults. This summer will go down in my history books as the “Summer of B.S.” ~ relating only to the game and not Zach. This summer will evoke good and fond memories for me ~ the bad behavior will be relegated to the deep dark depths of my brain. Thankfully.

Ah, for the love of my children…

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