Store Bought Peanut Butter Is Crap

Or so my family tells me. 

I am raising a bunch of peanut butter snobs.  I know many coffee snobs, some tea snobs but not too many peanut butter snobs ~ that’s because they have never had my homemade peanut butter.

I like to make about eight pounds of peanut butter at a time.  It’s gone in the blink of an eye.  It goes on everything…bananas, apples, celery, sandwiches and it goes in smoothies.  The kids and Stan devour it.  It’s gone before I can even go out and stock more peanuts.

The problem is my Kitchen Aid grinder is tired.  It’s tired of cranking through eight pounds of peanuts.  It’s failing me.  I need to get a replacement but just haven’t gotten around to it so I had to resort to buying peanut butter from the store. 

You would have thought I brought home liver and onions with the reactions I got.  “Mom, this stuff is disgusting,” was one reaction.  “MOOOOOM, how could you bring something soooooo gross home?” was another.  It’s not like I went and bought the worst brand of peanut butter out there and I did buy organic but it’s got a different flavor, texture ~ it’s just different and they don’t like it. 

They are peanut butter snobs and I have to say, secretly, I’m happy they are.  I know exactly what’s going into my peanut butter.  There’s nothing hydrogonated, corn syruped or buggyed about it ~ it’s just ground peanuts from Trader Joe’s and a little oil.  It’s better than any peanut butter out there, hands down! 

As I sat here writing this I decided to do something about the deplorable lack of good peanut butter in our house so I switched pages and bought a new grinder.  Hopefully, it will be here soon.  The kids will only have to suffer through two jars of store bought peanut butter and then it’s back to the good stuff.

So, don’t be surprised at Christmas, when you open a gift from our house and find homemade peanut butter under your tree!  We’re gonna be making some damn good peanut butter ~ we’ve had enough crap!

Oh, for the love of my children…

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