Willie Was Here Last Night

A couple of months ago I told the story of how Stan always plays Willie Nelson’s “The Party’s Over” whenever a good time is over.  The song always blasts through the house on the last night of summer vacation.  Last night Willie serenaded the kids as we wrote our list of things we did or experiences we had this summer.  It’s in no particular order…a thought or memory pops into our heads and it’s written down.


The party may be over but we crammed years worth of things into three short months…

Said goodbye to Jan
Lucas’ hockey camp
Claire’s Nationals in NYC
Lucas and Claire off to Camp Silver Beach
Had a blast with the Dolliver’s at their beach house
Kings Dominion
Cape Hatteras with the Horton’s
Smurf’s movie
Zach’ surgery
Harrry Potter movie marathon with Zach after his surgery
Hurricane Irene and her power outage
Lucas falling into the canal with his phone…oops no more cell phone
Algebra prep course for Lucas
Online P.E. for Zach
Nana and Granddad moving into Richmond
Last day of school
Claire’s first Rodeo
        -Followed closely by Claire’s first pair of cowboy boots
Girls night out!
Sleepover with the Horton’s
Philly tourney
Helping get the Lil Rink up and running
25th High School reunion for Stan
Boys’ trip to Louisville
Girls’ weekend
4th of July fireworks in the cul-de-sac
Claire’s wisdom tooth removal
Catching dogfish
Avon Pier
Kayaking in the sound
Horton falling off a bridge
Driving on the beach
Zach getting his learner’s permit
      – Followed closely by Zach driving me home from the DMV
Call me RED!
Summer reading lists FINISHED!!

It was a crazy, crazy party but I enjoyed every second of it…even the little hiccups along the way.

Ah, for the love of my children…

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