My Pensieve

I love Harry Potter…the movies, the books, everything.  The first year we moved here I read all five books which had been published and I was hungry for more.  Last summer I re-read all seven in preparation for the seventh movie.  I am just geeky enough want to be part of Harry’s world.  A witch…how much fun would that be?!?  Of, course I would only be a good witch.  I would never serve any type Lord Voldemort.  I can see me, now, wielding a wand, casting spells…

OK, back to reality.  I will never be a witch, good, bad or otherwise. 

But there is one thing I have which is so similar to something Professor Dumbledore has.  He has a pensieve…I have a pen-sieve.  Pofressor Dumbledore is able to gather his thoughts and memories and draw them out of his head with his wand.  He stores them in a bowl that sits perched in his office.  My pen-sieve is my way of drawing my own thoughts and memories out of my head. My writing is my pensieve.  (Get it?  You need a pen to write.) I’ll put together a story about what’s on my  mind or an issue or a sweet, sweet memory and I can come back to it later and revisit it when I want to or need to.  Hopefully, my kiddos will enjoy my pen-sieve when they get older and want to remember about events from their childhood.

While I may never be a witch I still have one witchy skill to keep me on par with Professor Dumbledore and Harry…I won’t mention all the times I tried casting spells! 
My pen-sieve is for the love of my children…

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