Shockingly, I’m the Calm ONE!

As you all know, Zach just got his learner’s permit and I have to say he’s doing a remarkably good job for having NO formal instruction. Virginia is a state where the kids can take the test for their learner’s permits and drive right afterward…so that means Stan and I are Zach’s formal instruction…kind of like the blind leading the blind. Maybe the state of Virginia doesn’t do things quite right. Maybe parents should have to take a refresher course on driving rules. Or maybe it should have been up to Stan and me, and we should have been more proactive in our preparation for Zach’s foray into driving. But Stan and I know how to drive, right? Neither of us has had an accident (knock on wood) in quite some time which is excellent because it means we have paid careful attention and avoided the idiot who is not paying attention. Both of us have had, however, speeding tickets in the past years but we know what causes those…excessive speed. It’s been a learning experience all around for the Pokey family.

Today I told Zach I needed to run some errands so he asked if he could come along. I knew he wanted to come along so he could drive but I couldn’t resist the thought of his company so my answer was an immediate “YES! Come along!!” YAY! I was going to have Zach time today! I love having one on one time with my kiddos. It’s even more special when the 15 year old son wants to tag along on errands to Target, Kroger and Marshall’s…I LOVE it!

As we were driving around Richmond Zach and I got to talking about his driving. He asked how I thought he was doing. I told him I think he is doing very well. He’s a cautious driver, one who is full of confidence but incredibly inexperienced. But he can only gain experience by driving more so…he drives.

As he was driving today Zach told the story of driving with his dad yesterday. Yesterday Stan dropped the F-bomb on Zach as he was trying to negotiate a tricky corner…as in “What the “F” are you doing?” Zach tried pulling out into a turn lane when there was someone already in the turn lane and he almost caused an accident. Inexperience.

So today, I couldn’t resist asking Zach who was calmer in the passenger seat…me or Stan? Shockingly, according to Zach, I am the calm one. Zach said he thought it would be the other way around. But when I was a kid learning to drive, it was the same way in my house. My mom was the calm one. She was the one who was calm enough to teach me how to drive. My dad would get so irritated and frazzled when I was behind the wheel. My mom was cool as a cucumber ~ at least that’s what she prortrayed to me. My mom was the calm one. I guess she passed that down to me.

WHEW! I’m the calm one…isn’t that a hoot? Me, calm? Normally, I think I must look like I have three heads to my kids. I am the one who dances around, acts crazy and is loud and obnoxious. I always wanted to be calm, elegant and serene ~ that’s really not me but I love being thought of as the calm one for once!

I’m gonna try to continue being the calm one for the love of my children…

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