This Is Gonna Be GOOD!

Claire and I are on our own today and tonight. The boys are in Maryland for some hockey. Claire had dance here in Richmond today so Stan and I had to divide and conquer. The boys are together and the girls are together.
These girls have BIG plans for tonight…
Claire and I took a trip to the Asian market to get all the ingredients to make our own Sushi. The Asian market near our house is one of my favorite places to go. It’s a big, stinky wonderland. The smell that assaults our noses as we enter the store made both of us cough and gag just a little. The fresh fish at the back of the store gives off the most horrendous odor but Claire and I perservered, as we always do. As Claire and I venture further into the interior of the store we come across all kinds of strange and exotic things we’ve never seen before and have no earthly idea what they are. We find packages containing God knows what. Things that seem at first glance to be interesting but then you see an eyeball staring back at you. It’s all very foreign but very exciting. We have our list, we know what we need so we get right to collecting our seaweed wraps, rice vinegar, wasabi, miso soup mix, sushi crab sticks, rice, carrots, avocado, cucumber, smoked salmon, cream cheese and bean cakes for dessert. I’m sure we’ve forgotten somethings and other things we just can’t find, if only I could read the labels on the packages in the Asian market.

I did ask Claire if she just wanted to buy sushi. Her answer was an emphatic “NO” followed by a “that takes all the fun out of it!” She’s right. I know she is. It’s girl time in our house…what better way to spend in than making something we both love ~ together?

Right now, the house smells like fresh sushi-zu ~ the vinegar, sugar and salt mixture that is poured over the rice after it cooks. I have the rice rinsed and soaking. In the next few minutes we’ll turn the stove on and set the rice to cooking. The cucumbers are peeled and sliced. The carrots are julienned. The rest of the ingredients are just waiting for the rice to cook.

Rice is cooked and we’re ready to move on…

Now it’s time to assemble our favorites. Claire loves “crab” and carrots. I’m going for a roll with cream cheese, avacado and smoked salmon. I’m also after a good California roll or two. I think rice balls sound pretty good too; rice rolled into a ball and then are rolled around in the sesame seed, seaweed mixture. I do wish I had some good sashimi quality tuna. A good spicy tuna roll sounds delicious but I don’t trust myself to pick out sashimi tuna. I’ll rely on the sushi chefs to prepare the tuna rolls for me.

The sushi making is complete. Claire and I are headed into the TV room to find a good movie. It’s girl’s night in our house and it’s gonna be GOOD night!
Oh, for the love of my children…
By the way, the sushi is unbelievably good!! Holy cow ~ I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!!

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