Lessons Learned in 2011

As we come to the close of another year that has passed too quickly, I thought I would take this time to write down the lessons I have learned in this year…

1. Stan and the kids are my greatest treasures in the world. I already knew that, really, it was just solidified.

2. I have the best friends in the world. They stick with me through thick and thin. I couldn’t get along without them or be more thankful for them.

3. Apologizing is hard but never hearing the words “I forgive you” is torture.

4. I have learned the true meaning of family ~ it is not necessarily comprised of those related to you by blood ~ family is really those who stick by you and put their arms around you when everyone else has walked away.

5. I love to write. It gives me purpose and makes me happy.

6. I can write a 50,000 novel in 27 days…maybe not a good novel ~ definitely not publish worthy yet…but it’s a damn good story!

7. I don’t handle stress well.

8. I have more friends than I ever imagined I could.

9. I’m not too bad of a person.

10. I don’t like time with my kids passing so quickly.

11. Being judgmental gets you nowhere.

12. I love having my parents in Richmond now…it was quite and adjustment but I’m so glad they are there.

13. I love country music. I’m embracing my Kansas upbringing.

14. Road trips with the kids are an actual trip now…tv’s are off, the kids are unplugged and they are engaged in talking to us ~ thanks Jan!!

15. I, and all of us, miss Jan and can’t wait for him to come back this summer.

16. The beach is my favorite place in the whole world ~ ok, I already knew that too, it just was reinforced this summer.

17. I love playing games with the kids.

18. I don’t really like TV.

19. I love baking for Christmas and having a houseful.

20. I am blessed.

I’ve learned a lot this year and look forward to all of the lessons I get to learn in 2012…for the love of my children…

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