Lucas Makes Me Laugh

Just a few minutes ago, I was struggling for material for my blog and in walks Lucas.

He came to say good-night to me.  It’s an unwritten rule in our house ~ good night wishes are mandatory.  I’m sitting here at the computer struggling to find content…something, anything and Lucas is my savior.

Lucas gave me the obligatory good night kiss and I rubbed his back.  He said “Oh Mom, can you scratch my back?”  I was happy to scratch that itch for him.  He was in heaven.  I reached where he couldn’t.  He said “that’s good. Thank you” and he bent down to kiss me good night again. 

It was then I realized my forehead was wet ~ with slobber.  I said “Lucas, you just slobbered all over me.”  His response was “Well, when you were scratching my back I started to drool.”  He cracks me up…tells it like it is and makes me laugh!

Ohhhhh, for the love of my children!

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