This Is Just Between You And Me

It seems I use those words a lot in this house.  Sometimes, I just don’t want things I tell the kids repeated to the general population so I make sure they know any given conversation stays between the two of us.  It seems Claire has been listening to that phrase, and listening well.  I guess I should be thankful she’s listening but in this instance, am I?

Claire came to me with a story, nothing bad or creepy or of much consequence to anyone other than her, and told me about some issues going on with her and how she feels about it.  She ended the story/problem saying “Mom, please know this is just between you and me.”  OK, Claire.  I get it.  She doesn’t want it going any further, and really it doesn’t need to but…I could easily fix it if I could take further and talk about it with others.  But I promised I wouldn’t.

I guess it’s called “letting go” a little…letting her take the reigns and do what she needs to do to solve her problem.  In talking to me, she wanted to vent and be validated a little.  She didn’t want me to solve the problem for her.  She’s trying to grow up a little.

And our conversation the other night was so grown up.  I know my little Claire Bear is wanting to take care of some of these things herself and I know she needs to but ~ and here’s the big but…sometimes I really don’t want her to grow up.  I want her to stay my sweet, little Claire Bear ~ the Claire Bear of days long gone.

Impossible, I know.  But nostalgia has set in and my throat is a little constricted thinking about how fast these days, weeks, months and years have gone.  There is nothing I love more in life than being a mama to these three kiddos of mine and today I am just a little sad thinking back on how fast it’s gone.

I know time is passing quickly.  I am truly enjoying every precious minute with these darlings.  But I want my kiddos to grow up knowing it’s OK to spread their wings and fly off into the great big world ~ not having to worry about me and my nostalgia.  So, can we keep this just between you and me?  For the love of my children….

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