A – Ten – SHUN!!!

Hello my little darlings, I just wanted to pass along a little nugget of information to you ~ the black thing held up to the side of my head is a phone!

Even after almost 16 years of being a mom, my kids still don’t get the whole “I’m on the phone” concept.  It seems to me, that it is when I hold up the phone to my ear it is precisely the time when they “need” me the most.  It never ceases to amaze me.  The invisibility of the phone is a phenomenon I don’t get…I’m on it they can’t see it ~ how is that possible??  I can be sitting doing nothing and not have one single interruption at all but as soon as I put the phone to my ear there is some sort of catastrophe that needs to attended to immediately.

Case in point…I was sitting at my desk earlier today when my phone rang with my mother on the other end.  As soon as I said the words “Hello, Mom.”  Lucas started asking me questions, interrupting my conversation and “correcting” things I was telling my mom.  Then Zach came in, trying to tell me all about his day and the fact that he got promoted in Air Force Jr. ROTC (which is wonderful and terrific and all that jazz but couldn’t it wait??).  AND THEN Claire and her friend came in, telling me one thing or another.  Usually, I am not a proponent of telling my kids to go away but today, I have to say, I was a bit snappish as I told each and everyone of them to “go away ~ for just a little while,” and to assuage my guilt a little I added a feeble “please” as I shooed them away.

Why is this the case?  Why can’t they understand the that the black thing held up to my ear is a phone?  And what can I do, that I haven’t tried in the past 16 years, to get this point across to them?  I love my children, but days like today really try my patience, when they act like toddlers needing immediate attention ~ NOW!!

Ohhhhhhhhh, for the love of my children….

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