I DID NOT Win Mother of the Year Again!!

Wooooohooooo!  It’s cause for celebration ~ me not winning mother of the year!!  I have won that not so coveted title too many times to count and this time I did the exact right thing.  I listened when he told me he didn’t feel well.  I kept him home.  I doubted him, but I kept him home.  And it was the right move.

I seem to be writing an inordinately large number of blogs about Lucas lately but he keeps giving me material and I have to use it….

On Monday Lucas complained of a little sore throat.  Tuesday dawned and Lucas said he wasn’t feeling well enough to go to school…but he was well enough to eat an entire pizza by himself which made me suspect he was bluffing about being sick.  But when he was still feeling crappy yesterday, I took him to the doctor and low and behold, he’s sick, really sick.  Two ear infections, a negative strep test but a wicked red throat. And he now his ear has perforated…GREAT!  But, I didn’t screw up like I normally do with him.  I didn’t send him on his way when he complained a little about not feeling well.  The nurse practioner who saw him said his ear was bad.  So, I left the doctor’s office feeling very vindicated that I kept him home.  PHEW…dodged another bad “mother of the year” award.

It has been while Lucas has been home from school for the past three days that I have had a little time to catch up with him…really listen to him and hear what he has to say.  He’s a pretty cool kid.  He told me yesterday, on  the way to the doctor’s office, that he has really been thinking about what he wants to be when he grows up.  Until this point he was convinced he was heading to the NHL.  He has now figured out reality.  It was kind of sad for me to learn that reality has become his but it’s like Santa Claus, the true belief can only last so long (although I still completely and totally believe in the spirit of Santa).

So, Lucas thinks he knows what he wants to be.  He wants to be an agent in the FBI or CIA.  Jokingly, I told him those jobs required focus and he zinged right back at me that he can focus when he wants to.  I love that kiddo.  He gives as good as he gets, he has the personality to take a little ribbing and he’s right, he can focus when he wants to.  He proves it in hockey and lacrosse and anything else that takes physicality and puts it to the test.  He might not have all the talent in the world but hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.  So Lucas can succeed at anything he wants because he’ll work his ass off for something he loves.

I know this blog has been a little bit “all over the place.”  Where do you think Lucas gets his focus challenge?  But it has been all about Lucas and it has been about me being able to steer clear of winning the less than coveted “mother of the year award” ~ again.

For the love of Lucas…

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