Fantasy Versus Reality

Today was our first snow day of the school year.  Last night I posted on Facebook that I needed a snow day.  What I really meant was, I needed my fantasy snow day.

I needed a snow day where life revolved around me.  I wanted a day where I could sit in front of the fire, with my feet up, watching the snow fall softly to the ground.  I longed for a day full of steaming hot mugs of tea, baking cookies, a movie marathon,  followed by a good ol’ snowball fight and finished off with warm, chocolaty cup of cocoa with marshmallows bubbling over the side of my mug.  What a beautiful fantasy.

What I got was large amounts of wet clothing piled at the foot of the dryer, causing it to run nearly non-stop, interrupting my day of laundry.  The snow was heavy, wet and nearly gone by this afternoon.  It was not good playing in the snow kind of snow.  Today I found so many kids trooping in and out of my front door I couldn’t keep track of who was here, who was not and how many extra kiddos I had.  Today I was treated to a throng of boys roaming rambunctiously through the house.  At one point, I had to wonder if the ceiling was going to come crashing down and those boys would fall through to floor below.  Today I had girls who were sitting quietly, trying to hide their boredom by playing games, baking brownies and then going on to getting a bit snappish with each other as their boredom grew.  The house was loud, filled with activity, energy and loads of noise.  It was reality.

While I did get a snow day today, it just wasn’t my fantasy day.  I need to remember I have plenty of time in the years ahead, when the kids are grown and gone to have my fantasy snow day.  Today was reality, and for now, I need to remember to embrace the reality of life while it’s still here smacking me in the face and today was one of those days….full on reality ~ warts and all.

Oh, for the love of  my children….

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