Why is it I am so freaking forgetful??  I drive myself batty!!  Even with reminders and alerts I still forget to do things!

Case in point…dance pictures.  This was the week to pick up Claire’s dance pictures.  I had my reminder set for last night.  I went to the studio to pick out the pictures I wanted to get for Claire.  I stood in line for as long as I could before having to bolt to go pick up Lucas from lacrosse.  I made a mental note to go back to the studio today to pick out and pick up the pictures.  I put it in my calendar and then it just went POOF….outta my brain.  I looked at the clock at 3 and did the mental head slap…SHIT!!!!  I totally forget to get back to the studio to pick up Claire’s pictures!!

Now, I gotta do some quick thinking and fancy footwork!  Thankfully, I have Julie!  She’s the keeper of all things I am not and she came to my rescue with the name and number of the photography studio.  Now, I can call them, covering my ass from having to admit to Claire that I forgot to go pick out her dance pictures.

I dread to think what I’m going to be like when I’m old ~ so does Stan.  This is not going to end well for me unless I can figure out some way to maybe attach some type of electrode to my body and deliver a jolt of electricity when I have something I need to do.  Other than that I may be screwed!

It’s not like I try to forget things.  I really do try.  I have calendars.  I have my phone to alert me.  I just can’t keep my shit straight but I really do try, I promise.

Trying to remember everything, everyplace and every everything I am supposed to be or do is for the love of my children….

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