The Best Time

I love Lucas.  And I mean I completely and totally adore that kid.  He is one of a kind and he surprises me nearly every day.

Tonight as the two of us were sitting together for dinner he says “Why is it that the best times in life have to go the fastest?”  He was reading this “Zits” cartoon strip…

He was telling me how much it reminded him of Zach.  I went on to tell him he’d be there soon enough.  And he said “I’m looking forward to it…” and that’s when he went on to ask me the question above.  I thought “Wow!” I never appreciated being a kid.  I couldn’t wait to grow up.  But Lucas…he knows.  He gets it.  Being a kid is the best time!
I hope he always looks back on his childhood and teenage years with good and happy memories.  (Although, I know he’ll have some complaints and gripes…who doesn’t??)  But for the most part I am hopeful he will always know how much fun it was for him to be a kid.
Oh, for the love of my children…

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