As most of you know through reading my blog, I like words.  I like rhyming words.  I like silly words.  I like bold words.  I’m not afraid of swear words.  I like words that put an image in your head.  I love words that are fun to say. I just love words.

Sassy is one of the words I just love.  A girlfriend of mine uses it and it always puts a smile on my face.  When we are playing tennis she will say “Oh, now there’s a sassy shot!”  And I love it.  I love hearing her say it.  I love the word Sassy.

The word puts and image in my head.  A sassy girl.  A sassy skirt.  A sassy look.  A sassy tongue.  It brings images to my mind of a girl not afraid to speak her mind and wear what she wants.  I love that word.  It works to put images in my mind.

I know you are probably not going to believe this but I think I may have been a sassy girl at one point in time.  I’m pretty sure it went unchecked for quite a few years. I think the word sassy may even extend into present day Jenni.  I’m not completely sure but I’d like to think I’m just a little sassy.

And I’d like to pass that on to Claire but in a “not too sassy for her own good” kind of way.  I want her tongue to be quick but kind.  I want her thoughts to be her own but tempered with compassion for someone else’s, possibly, different thoughts.  I want her to wear what is comfortable for her and not judge other people for doing the same.  I want her to dance to the beat of her own drum but be able to succeed within the masses.  I want her to be a sassy girl…in the best way possible.

Oh, for the love of my sassy, baby girl….

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