Important Things

In light of the tragedy that my darling friend has suffered I have been re-examining what is important in life and what is really not.

 To me, and to my family and friends (I’ve asked them to contribute on this one and I have to say, this is one of the most contentious blogs I’ve written because I’ve asked their opinion), this is what is important in life… 
1. Family.
2. Friends.
3. Vacations.
4. Making time for loved ones.
5. The beach ~ or any place that is your favorite.
6. Loving your spouse.
7. God ( or a higher being) ~ if you believe.
8. Feeling like you are making a contribution in life.
9. Making others feel good.
10.Money (unfortunately it is)
12. Saying “I love you.”
13. Saying “I’m sorry” when you screw up (which I do a LOT).

 And to me this is what is NOT important…
 1. Over-inflated egos or what can be translated into what can be considered a puffed up sense of self importance.
2. Making people feel like shit.
3. Putting people down…that may be the same as the one above but I think it’s a little different.
4. Frowning (unless you’re a baby and need to let someone know what you need).
5. Belts…according to Zach.
6. Getting the last word in.
7. Stereotypes ~ Lucas told me this one and I love him for saying this.
 8. Bullshit.
9. Sunburn.
11.Your appendix.
12. Holding grudges

Obviously these are some of the things I (and again, some of my family and dear friends) think are important. And I think I will pass this down…for the love of my children.

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