I Want to be a Superhero

Yep, I do.  I totally want some kind of awesome super power.  I want to be a Superhero!!  

As most of you know, a sweet friend of mine, Laura, recently lost her 19 year old son in an accident.   Shortly after I got the news about Laura’s son, Matt, I wrote a blog titled “Important Things.” (http://www.jennicombs.com/2012/07/important-things.html) In this blog I listed what I (and some of my friends and family) think is important.  One of the things Zach said was not important was a belt.  Laura read that blog and responded saying the lists were so spot on what Matt believed.  She went on to say that one of Matt’s most favorite possessions was his Superman belt buckle.  From what I learned about Matt over the last two weeks,  I have to say, that belt buckle suits him to a T.  He was superhero-esque.  I never met him but from the eulogy and the postings on his Facebook page, he lived life like he was a superhero ~ never backing away from a challenge, never shying away from being the first to lend a hand, never being without a smile on his face and always giving of himself.  His life was lived full and large, just like a superhero. This world is a little dimmer because Matt left it.  But I believe that he left a bright, shining light for all of us to follow.  Superhero Matt.

So, in honoring not only Matt but Laura as well, I decided I want to live a Superhero life.  I really would like some actual super powers but sometimes a smile, giving and receiving love, living life to the fullest and a whole lot of courage add up to one big superhero.  I’m gonna take my cue from Matt and hopefully pass it on to my kiddos.  Look out world…Superhero Jenni is on the look out for her very own Superman belt buckle.

Oh, for the love of Matt….

This blog has been boiling around in the back of my brain for a while now and I wasn’t entirely sure how to write it.  I hope it comes off the way I want it to and not trite or over used.  I want it to be a tribute but not sappy or tragic.  Those two words don’t fit either Matt or Laura..Superhero does!

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