I Love Me Some Lucas…

Lucas usually does something to warm my heart. He is the one who started planting sweet, little kisses on my forehead as soon as he was tall enough to reach my forehead without being on his tip toes. To me, there is no sweeter sign of affection than a kiss to the forehead. Lucas is the one who comes and wraps me in a bear hug in the morning, resting his head on my shoulder with the cheeriest of “Good mornings!” coming out of his mouth. He is the one who doles out compliments without prompting or prodding and his compliments come from his heart.

This morning was no exception…

It’s a rainy day here at the beach. One which requires a little extra effort to figure out a game plan for the day. We couldn’t just pack up the truck and head onto the beach, we actually had to figure out something to do. The movies seemed like the perfect rainy day diversion. But that would require clothes instead of bathing suits, combs run through hair instead of just a haphazard pony tail and it would require, in my book, a little make up. I was shooing Lucas out of our bathroom so I could start the process of getting ready when he delivered his out of the blue compliment.

 “I’m not sure why you need make up, Mom,” Lucas said. I told him that it’s just what I do to get ready. He said “Are you wearing make up now?” I told him I wasn’t and he went on to point to the mirror and say “See, mom, told you you don’t need make up. Look at you, you look great without it!”  

God love you, Lucas! You are some mighty fine balm to this mama. I hope you never lose the ability to genuinely give a compliment. I hope you always use your compliments for the best purposes. I hope you can teach other guys that giving compliments, without prodding, is one of the best things you can do for a relationship. I don’t know where you get this ability but I hope you keep it forever. You, my love, are one of a kind and I love me some Lucas!

Oh, for the love of my children…

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