What a Flipping Day…

Otherwise known as HOLY SHIT (and this time it has nothing to do with actual shit)!

Today dawned way too early.  I slept like complete and total caca.  (Because of that Stan had massive pity on me and brought me breakfast in bed…God love him!)  I was on pins and needles all night long.  I thought it was because I had four teenage (or near teenage) boys sleeping in our house last night and I was on high alert for any shenanigans that can occur when teenage boys combine forces.  Lucas did give me a bit of a start at 4:47 a.m. asking what the code was for the alarm to the house so he could take Bella out and I only felt a sense of relief as I realized the alarm hadn’t been disarmed before that.  After that,  I knew no one left the house on any type of nocturnal wandering (if you know what I mean).  But I never fell back into a deep slumber after that so my night was shot to shit.

Even though I had a massive amount of sleep deprivation, I still accomplished so much around the house today and felt good about how what I got done before the girls came to ask me to take them on a little shopping excursion.  I happily accepted my new task.  I was ready for a break from my re-organization attempts and needed a diversion….little did I know I was going to get quite a diversion….

It was when we loaded up in the car that I discovered my GPS was stolen right out of my car.  I have told you before, I don’t have the newest car or the nicest car but it runs and it gets me from place to place with no problems.  I’m fine with not having the newest or the nicest automobile so it stunned me that someone would look to my car to steal something out of it.  I stood there at the door of my car momentarily shocked that my GPS was missing.  The base of the GPS was still there.  My Sirius satellite radio was still there.  But the GPS and the charger were gone.  My first thought was that Zach borrowed them.  He emphatically denied taking anything…and why would he take it without asking?  He knows I would notice it right away.  I texted Stan the same question and got the response “so you’re telling me the gps is gone out of the van?”  My response was “Yep, it’s gone.”

DAMN.  We’ve been burgled, in our own driveway, beneath the light of streetlight and our own garage light.  The thieves must have been brave, stupid, on drugs or a combination of all three.

Whatever state of mind our thieves were in, it didn’t change the fact that our belongings had been violated.  I called the cops, on Stan’s urging, and reported our theft.  I live my life in my own “safe little bubble” and now my little bubble has been popped.  Things have to change.  Where I felt safe and secure I now feel a little on edge.  Stan wondered, out loud, if I didn’t have a little bit of a sixth sense last night and that’s why I didn’t sleep well.  He wondered if I may have “felt” that something was a little off.  I couldn’t answer him on that.  All I can do was to make sure the house is locked up like Fort Knox and lit up like Kennedy Space Center.

Since we got Bella, our backyard looks like the space shuttle could land there.  It’s so bright and well lit so we can see in the middle of the night if we have to take Bella out for a night-time potty break.  After dinner tonight, Baby Bella signaled that she needed to go out so she and I headed out to the back yard.  That’s when I nearly ran into it…the biggest, meanest, scariest looking spider.  The effer was building a new web right in the path of our stairs to the backyard.  And I nearly had that creepy crawler on my face.  I screamed and screamed a little louder.  I heard the answering screams from out front.  I knew Lucas heard me and was “answering” in his own special way but what I really needed was a spider slayer with the bravery of a knight.  Instead, I turned and ran back up to the deck as fast as I could, dragging Bella behind me.  The lights I depend on for night-time bathroom treks for Bella attracted that nasty-ass spider living on our stairs.

SHIT…It’s been quite a flipping day and I’m ready for a new day and for it to dawn a little later tomorrow.

Oh, for the love of my children….

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