Did a Switch Just Flip?

I love telling Lucas stories ~ as you all know.  He’s quite a character and he gives me material out the yin yang.

This past weekend I have to say I was nearly stunned into silence by Lucas.  Saturday dawned bright and cheery…the day of his first hockey game of the season.  He has a new coach this year so things are running a little differently.  Instead of just showing up at the rink in his warm up suit he, and his team mates, need to wear shirts tucked into khaki pants, ties, belts and nice shoes.  They need to bring a change of clothes for warm ups and then shower and change back into their shirts and ties after the game.  Lucas came down in his clothes, just to make sure he had all the components ready.  He looked good, almost great.  The shirt was nicely starched and the tie was fabulous but the pants…wrinkle central.  I told him to take his pants off so I could iron them (you all know how much I detest ironing but I will do when it’s absolutely necessary and Stan was out on a 30 mile bike ride so it came down to either having me iron them or having Lucas show up at his game looking like a doofus in messy pants.)  Lucas did as I asked and then he asked me to fix him some eggs.  “Not enough time for me to iron and fix eggs, Lucas,” I responded, going on to say “why don’t you fix yourself some eggs while I iron your pants?”  Lucas had the solution…he would iron his pants, he said.  I nearly fell over ~ stunned into silence.

The photographic proof!!!!

Once my voice returned, I told Lucas I would fix his eggs.

He came downstairs a short while later looking handsome and well put together.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Lucas cleans up well.

He looked polished and ready to conquer the world.  He and his team did just that.  They won their home opener 6-4.  Maybe a little respectability and self confidence in their appearance can work some magic?  Did a flip just switch on in Lucas’ brain?  Did he grow up right before my eyes and mature just a little?  Is he starting to outgrow his 13 year old boy goofiness?  
I guess I shouldn’t have counted my chickens so fast.  Lucas was the same old kid he always is, thankfully.  He proved it on the ride home.  This year, Lucas’ team has several new kids on it from different organizations around the area so Stan asked him where they all came from and Lucas’ response was classic.  
Lucas ~ “Ummm, what do you mean, where did who come from?”  
Stan ~ “You know some of the new kids on the team…like McQuiston.  Where did he come from?”
Lucas ~ “Oh, him!!  I think he’s adopted.”
I nearly peed my pants ~ I was laughing so hard and it was that deep, belly laugh that can’t be contained or stopped.  Classic Lucas.  
The switch did flip when I needed it to but I guess it didn’t stay flipped for very long.  That’s OK with me. I’ll take Lucas any way I can get him.  He gives so much and takes very little.  His presence in this family keeps us light and full of laughter.
I do see little changes and a little bit of growing up.  That switch will flip here soon enough and I’ll be more than a little sad that my goofy, 13 year old Lucas has been replaced by the mature, grown up Lucas.  Maybe, just maybe, if I’m lucky, the light of the carefree, goofy Lucas will always shine through even when that switch flips permanently.
Oh, for the love of my children…

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