You’re Gonna Miss This

OK, I admit it.  I’ve been listening to a lot of country music lately ~ and I mean A LOT.  Love it, hate it or take it to the next level and completely despise it, you have to concede that there are messages in every song.  Good messages, bad messages, messages of love and revenge, messages of hope and encouragement…the messages list is endless.

The latest song to get it’s tentacles wrapped around my brain is “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins.

The girl in the video, chomping at the bit to get to the next stage of life, is me.  I’ve told you before how much I couldn’t wait to grow up.  I’m still the girl in the video but now I realize how much I miss what is now the past with the kids.  
And are some of the things I miss…
I miss walking into the babies’ rooms in the morning to see their bright smiles and their delight at seeing me appear in the doorway with their arms up-stretched ~ waiting to be lifted up and wrapped up in a good-morning hug.
I miss sticky fingers.
I miss baby giggles.
I miss Lucas saying “rock-a-minute” at bedtime.
I miss little pig tails and patent leather shoes with ruffled socks.
I miss reading “Good Night Moon” and “In a People House” and “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” and “Guess How Much I Love You.”
I miss sweet, little baby kisses.
I miss pre-school.
I miss kindergarten and first grade.
I miss the easy rules of life they had to follow “never hurt anyone on the inside or on the outside.”
I miss the days I’ll never get back.
But I’m holding on tight, now, to the days of the present.  I’m not wasting my time wishing and wishing and wishing for the next phase of life.  I’m fully engaged in this phase of life.  I’m fully in tune to the present knowing this thing called life goes far too quickly and I’m gonna miss this…
For the love of  my children….

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