I’m a Work in Progress

Recently, my friend and compatriot in the blog-o-sphere, Julie, and I have been getting together to inspire each other, keep each other on the straight and narrow of the writing world and to come up with some collaborations.  We have managed to do all three of those things but working together means I have to stretch a little more out of  my blog-o-sphere comfort zone…one in which I am more than cozy.

We have three, soon to be four, ideas about pieces we want to work on.  We have each completed two, but for me (I think both of us, really), I feel like I need to work a little harder on these…spend a little more time analyzing what I’m trying to say and make sure it makes sense ~ not only to me but to you as well.

So, in the next couple of days, actually hopefully this afternoon or tomorrow, I can share with you my first piece.  Julie will then be a guest blogger here sharing a slightly different side of the story…mine will be from a mama point of view, Julie will throw in her educator point of view along side of her mama point of view.  I’m looking forward to sharing both pieces with you but for now my piece, just like me, is a work in progress…

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