Have I Told You I Hate Middle School??

Because I do.  I truly do.  I hate most things associated with middle school…especially PE.

Yesterday, Claire came home with a story about gym class.  And I got pissed off.

Usually, the boys and girls are in class together.  Yesterday, they were separated.  The boys went to work with Claire’s male teacher and the girls went to work with the female teacher.  Both the boys and the girls were playing the same game, I guess they just wanted the boys to play against the boys and the girls to play against the girls.

The game was ultimate football.  I’m sure it’s a good game.  I’m sure it’s a fun game.  I’m sure the girls know the rules to the game because Claire told them to me.  But it’s not a good game, a fun game or a game where rules are not followed because the gym teacher leaves 25 middle school girls unattended…yep ~ you read that right!  I said “25 middle school girls were left unattended,” for the entire class.  (Now, to be fair, the male gym teacher was technically put in charge of the girls but he had his hands full watching 25 middle school boys, and according to Claire, he rarely looked in on the girls.)

All I could imagine as Claire told me the story was a bitchslap-fest.  Claire told me the girls were pulling each other’s hair and pushing each other down.  Claire said she was pushed down three times.  What a cluster-eff that is.  And who the hell thinks it’s a good idea to leave 25 11 and 12 year old girls unattended?  That’s a hot mess waiting to happen.

Boy, oh boy, if I didn’t know Claire would be embarrassed to high heaven I would have marched my pissed off ass right into the school and done…well, I don’t know exactly what I would have done but I do know it was an idiotic move to leave those girls without a pair of adult eyes specifically on them.

I did warn Claire if something like ever happens again I will make sure someone is aware of the stupidity behind leaving 25 girls, mostly, unattended.  Mama bear will come roaring out and the school will know that this mama is pissed off.

Middle school is a fine line to walk and I truly hate these middle school years.  I know I need to let Claire navigate the waters a little without my interference but I’m gonna have to interfere if I hear about hair pulling, girls being nasty and pushing each other down.  I will have to step in then, for the love of my children….    

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