Sometimes I Miss The Days of Diapers and Cribs

Yep.  I admit it.  There are days when I miss the simplicity of the days of diapers and cribs.  I knew everything about my kiddos.  I knew where they slept, what they ate, controlled who came to our house for play dates, rocked them when they were sad, scared or hurt and knew when I put them to bed that’s where they would be when sleep time was over.  It was a physically exhausting time but it was an easy, if mundane, time.

Now life is all about the mental drain.  Where are the kids?  Are they at Wawa where they said they’d be?  What are they doing?  Just buying sandwiches or trying to talk an adult into buying them cigarettes or alcohol?  Are the doors to bedrooms open with girlfriends here??  And if not…well, SHIT…I know what they’re doing!  Time to go a tap-tap-tapping at a chamber door!

During my kiddos’ lives I have always said that whatever particular stage the kids are in is my favorite.  I’ve cried at each and every milestone which has come their way but I’ve also delighted in each particular stage they were in at the time.  When they were two years old, railing at the big, wide world around them, I was in heaven.  When they were in preschool, learning their abc’s I thought that time was the best.  When they started elementary school I thought they were da bomb.  Now they are all in middle and high school and I know I’ve been more than blessed with these kiddos of mine..

I love being able to relate to the kids on a bit of a more grown up level.  It cracks me up that Lucas understood (and totally cracked up at) the slogan on the front of a breast cancer awareness t-shirt that read “Save Second Base…I haven’t gotten there yet.”  I love that Zach is comfortable enough with me to listen to me when I talk about contraceptives.
On the way to Homecoming the other night I offered him a piece of gum saying “girls don’t like boys with stinky breath.”
He responded that he’s never kissed the girl he likes.
Knowing that wasn’t the truth I went on to say “Just make sure you leave enough room for the Holy Spirit and make sure to use the most effective contraceptives out there…’aspirin.'”
Zach looked at me like I had three heads but said “Does that really work?”
“Yep,” I assured him, “it works like a charm and is the most effective type ever.  Just have the girl put the aspirin between her knees and hold it there.”  Zach cracked up laughing going on to tell me he couldn’t wait to share that little anecdote with his friends at dinner.  These conversations were not possible when the kids were in cribs and diapers and I admit, it’s kind of fun to have adult-ish conversations with them.   

So, I admit. ..this stage is a blast ~ it’s just harder than hell.  But even so I wouldn’t wish the kids, or myself, back into diapers and cribs, sometimes I just miss those days…

Oh, for the love of my children….

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