New Year’s Wishes For My Children

To my little loves who aren’t so little anymore,

You all have grown up so quickly.  It seems like just last year that we stood in line to get your photos taken, or not taken, with Santa.  It seems just like yesterday that you all were little ones with your eyes alight at the thought of Christmas morning.  And it seems like just a moment ago that you all believed in Santa with all your might.  With the speed of passing years getting faster I would love for you to know my wishes for you as you grow up and go forth into this big, wide world where things are more complicated than need be and harsher than sometimes can ever be imagined.

My first wish for you is to always believe in Santa.  Believe in what he stands for.  Believe in the goodness of his heart.  Believe in the power of magic.  Believe in love.  These things are what, in my mind, Santa gives to us.

Wish number two is for you to be able to weather any storm that is thrown your way.  Unfortunately, there will be storms, there always are in any life that is worth living.  And unfortunately, I won’t always be able to protect from these storms of life.  So I wish you the strength to be able to work through the pain and come out stronger through your trials.

Wish three ~ is that you never develop a brittle outer shell when you go through your storms.  This may be the hardest wish for you.  Like I said above, life will hand you storms and my wish is that you will always be able to remain tough enough to weather the storm but never become brittle.

Wish four ~  my wish for you is to remain loyal to those who deserve it but to be able to leave behind those in your life who don’t.

Wish five ~ to continue to see the world through the wondrous eyes of a child.  Never become jaded, my loves.  Always remember to live, learn, laugh and wonder at the miracles of our lives.

Wish six ~ I wish that you will always take time to hug the ones you love.   Big bear hugs.  Big, giant enveloping hugs.  Give them.  Receive them.  Relish them ~ always.

Wish seven ~  I wish that you will continue to value love of people well above the love of stuff.  Stuff can be replaced.  People can’t.

Wish eight ~  is one of my grandest wishes…I wish that you will always love each other.

Wish nine ~  When it’s time to find the love of your lives make sure they treat you well and with respect.  Make sure you do the same for them.  Respect and love go hand in hand.

Wish 10 ~ this is wish is actually for me…

I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish tonight…I wish you know how very much you are loved by me ~ always.  I wish time would slow, just a little, so I can revel in you for far longer. And I wish, as you grow up and go forth in this world that you shine brilliantly for all the world to see.  You three never cease to amaze me with your wit, wisdom and humor.

With love to my sweet little ones who are growing too quickly,

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