My Two Words of the Day ~ Try and Aim

With only one of our boys playing travel hockey this season, for the first time in six years, I have gotten out of practice and have forgotten what a travel weekend with 17 teenage boys is like.  So my two words for this weekend reflect my observations about my time with Lucas and his team.

Lucas’ team has a hockey tournament this weekend and the game times have required two overnight stays away from home.  Stan took the first night/day and I came in yesterday so I could be able to watch the team’s games today.  This morning dawned bright and early, with the first game beginning at 7, which required a 5:30 wake up so they could be at the rink by 6.  Lucas got up  easily this morning and made his way to the bathroom….

Which brings me to my first word ~ AIM!  Aim for the water in the toilet, not just the toilet in general.  It’s been months and months and months since I have had the “pleasure” of sharing a hotel room with a 14 year old boy whose aim is less than stellar.

And that thought brings me to my second word of the day ~ TRY!  While I have enjoyed every second of my time with Lucas I can safely say, I haven’t missed one single minute of sharing a bathroom with a male who doesn’t at least TRY to AIM!

Both of these words can also be translated into the boys effort on the ice as well.  TRY and AIM!  This morning, I saw a team play who didn’t try and whose aim was off…and I don’t mean aiming for the net, I meaning AIMING for playing well and playing as a team.  Today I saw a team who didn’t TRY!

Not much pisses me off more than watching a hockey game full of kids who aren’t aiming to win or at least TRYING to win!  I know there are going to be games which will be lost to teams who are flat out better than our boys on the ice but this morning wasn’t one of those times.  This team was no better than our boys.  But the other team this morning aimed for the win and they tried hard to win.  And they did.

I hope this next game is full of aiming high and trying hard from our boys.  I’d like for them to end this tournament weekend on a high note.  I’m not neccessarily angling for a win or an advancement to the finals, just a good ol’ college try with them aiming high.

As far as traveling with Lucas and staying in a hotel room with him, it’s been a blast but I hope next time he tries to aim for the water in the toilet and not the toilet in general.

Oh, what we do for the love of our children….

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